Puch Maxi 'S' 70cc Reed Valve, Tecno Estoril Exhaust, EBR Chrome Forks, & Chrome Shocks, 19.5mm PHBG Dellorto Carb - Owner Mr M Austin YPV Spares.


Puch Maxi 'N' 70cc Airsal, 17.5mm PHBG Dellorto Carb, Bullet Exhaust - Owner Mr L. Watts.
Puch Maxi 'S' 1983, Vespa Bravo 1978 & Vespa Ciao 1970. - Owner Mr M Austin YPV Spares.
Puch Maxi 'N', 65cc Metrakit, 16mm SHA Dellorto Carb, Bullet Exhaust. 
Puch Maxi 'SKW' Standand with Bullet Exhaust.
Tomos A3 65cc Airsal Cylinder, Puch Large finn Head, SHA 15/15 Carb, Bullet Exhaust. - Owner Mr N Embleton.

Puch Maxi 'N' 70cc AJH/Athena Reed Valve, 15mm Bing Carb, Proma Circuit Exhaust, Race Crank.


Tomos A3 fitted with Airsal 44mm Reed Valve Kit, Dellorto 15mm SHA & Bullet Exhaust.
Owner - Kev
BEFORE                                                                   AFTER
kev1.jpg    kev.jpg                                                                                                                                                               
Puch Alpine - Fitted with Dellorto 15mm SHA.  Owner Mr M Birch
Puch Maxi 'S' Fitted with Airsal 44mm Kit, Biturbo Exhaust, 15mm Bing Carb, EBR Forks & Frame Brace. - Owner Wilf

Puch Zorplan Conversion, 1 of only 100 made - Owner Mr G Bolton
Puch Mini Maxi, fitted with 6 Port Power One Cylinder, LF Head, 15mm Bing Carb & Power Filter & 28mm Standard Exhaust - Owner Mr Welham.

Puch Maxi 'N' Restored back to it's original beauty. Owner Mr Horner.

BEFORE                                                          AFTER 
horner1.jpg       horner.jpg

1974 Puch Maxi, Fitted with 16mm SHA Dellorto Carb, Racing Crank, 50cc Power One 6 Port Cylinder & Proma Exhaust - Owner Mr Berry.

1989 Tomos A3 ms Top Race Conrod, Tecno Circuit exhaust, 2.50 Tyres, & IMCA Shocks
Owner Mr Whittaker



 Customised Puch, 70cc Big Bore, Biturbo Exhaust, MKX Shocks, Sava MC Tyres, Welded Brace Custom Seat. Owner Ben Crouch